Ocular Plastic Surgery

There are two types of general surgery in the eye world that an optometrist and an ophthalmologist will coordinate or perform. Reparative surgery seeks to remedy injuries, harm, degeneration due to disease or a cause, and to restore normal function. Oculoplastic surgery focuses on the physical frame and structure that surrounds and protects the eye. That includes the eye socket, the eyelids, the support systems, the bone structure, and the related facial area. Because so much is covered in this field, the experts at Sylvan Eye Assoc. in Modesto see a larger variety of issues and concerns from affected patients regularly.

A Wide Range of Treatments

Some of the concerns involve interrelated systems that work around the eyes as well. These can include drooping eyelids, muscular issues in and around the eyes, eyelid malfunctions such as uncontrolled turning out or folding inward, and localized tumor issues for cancer cell growth. Other cosmetic issues can include addressing skin damage from too much sun or dealing with wrinkles from age.

Plastic Surgery Benefits are Included

Ocular plastic surgery also provides very clear treatments well within the realm of plastic surgery, such as lifts that affect the area around the eyes and forehead, tightening of the skin around the eyes and eyelids, and mid-face lifts. These treatments can also include medical applications of Botox or fillers.

Get Educated

One of the big ongoing issues with plastic surgery, in general, tends to be that it is frequently confused with just vanity interests. Plastic surgery by an eye doctor is regularly performed for rehabilitation and restorative work as well. After the injury has been addressed, restoration often takes much longer, and more extensive help is needed.

Local Help is Available

Sylvan Eye Assoc. regularly provides ocular plastic surgery and support for patients in the greater Modesto region. Our office deals with complex issues as well as basic cosmetic applications, the Sylvan Eye team has an extensive amount of combined experience that benefits every patient we treat. We provide expertise, practical know-how with the latest techniques and procedures, and a high attention to service quality. To find out more, call (209) 575-2020 to schedule a consultation with our optometrist and find out how our eye doctor can help you or a loved one with an ocular issue.


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