Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become a mainstay in many of those with less than perfect vision. However, there are some drawbacks to wearing contact lenses. Some types of contacts can be hard to clean, and carrying your cleaning supplies with you while traveling can be bothersome. Eye conditions such as dry eye can make it difficult to wear contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses can often be worn by people that have trouble wearing other types of contacts. At Sylvan Eye, we have years of experience fitting patients in Modesto, CA for disposable contact lenses.


What are Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are contacts that are used once and discarded at the end of each day. Extended wear lenses are often disposable as well, but can be worn for longer periods. Daily disposables are not the same as daily wear contacts, which need to be removed each night. Depending on recommendations from our optometrist, you may be able to sleep in your disposable contacts for a couple of days before switching to a fresh pair. This can be a huge convenience if you are delayed and cannot get back to where your contact lens supplies are kept.

Benefits of Contacts Lenses vs Regular Lenses

Re-wearable contact lenses typically cost less than disposable lenses, and your eye doctor will likely support your decision to wear them provided there is not any medical reason not to. However, cleaning agents are not perfect, and some residue can remain on your lenses even after they are cleaned well. Some eye conditions cause the eyes to produce more proteins than average. Disposable contacts are often recommended to these people because it allows them to continue wearing contacts.

How Do I Get Disposable Contact Lenses?

The first step to getting disposable contacts is to make an appointment with an optometrist. Your eye doctor will perform a contact lens exam to determine your prescription and your best contact lens options, considering your prescription, overall eye health, and lifestyle. Mention to your eye doctor that you want to hear about what options are available for disposable contact lenses, and you will get recommendations based on your needs.

Optometrist in Modesto, CA

If you are interested in disposable contact lenses in Modesto, CA, the eye care professionals at Sylvan Eye are ready to assist you. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us at (209) 575-2020.


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