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Wearing eyeglasses today gives you the chance to tap into trendy styles while seeing more clearly. To get the right prescription, you first need an exam from a qualified eye doctor. Those in Modesto can come to Sylvan Eye Assoc. for both exams and glasses. Find out more about our comprehensive exams and the selection of glasses and frames we offer.


What Happens During an Eye Exam

To get a prescription for glasses, you first need an eye exam. Even if you already wear glasses, an eye exam determines if your vision has changed. Plus, the tests run during this exam will evaluate the health of your eyes. If you have serious eye problems that require medical care, we have an ophthalmologist on staff who can treat you.

An eye exam will consist of several tests to measure how well you can see and if your eyes are healthy. The optometrist can measure your reading and distance vision. If you cannot see clearly without correction, they will determine the prescription for your glasses.

Bring the prescription lenses you wear now to the visit. By comparing the prescription created at the exam with your prior corrective level, the eye doctor can see if you have a progressive condition that may require additional testing or monitoring. For instance, those with cataracts may need increasingly stronger prescriptions until they get surgery.

Eyeglasses for Corrected Vision

Every person who wears glasses has a prescription made especially for them because everyone has different vision needs. Eyeglasses have lenses that compensate for the incorrect way that your eyes focus light. Therefore, you cannot wear someone else's glasses to see clearly. You need an optometrist to create the perfect prescription to give you the sharpest vision possible.

Even with a perfect prescription for your vision today, you should not neglect your eye health and exams. Over time, your eyes and vision correction level can change. Therefore, you should have regular eye exams to ensure that you do not need stronger glasses over the years.

Warranty on Eyewear

Like anything that you use daily, your eyewear has a risk of damage. To give our patients peace of mind, we offer a warranty on frames and lenses within 12 months of purchase. While some glasses may take time to become accustomed to wearing, if you still experience problems after a week or two, schedule a visit to have your eyes rechecked. As part of our warranty, we will recheck your eyes and verify the prescription within 30 days of getting your new eyeglasses.

Come See Us at Sylvan Eye Assoc.

Schedule your visit with one of our eye doctors by phoning our office at (209) 575-2020. Let us know if you have a medical problem with your eyes that would require a visit with our ophthalmologist. If you need a standard eye exam, you will get stellar care from an optometrist. We are ready to help you find the right eyeglasses for your vision needs and warranty the glasses that you get from us for your peace of mind in your investment.


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  • "The staff at Sylvan Vision is always friendly and helpful. The selection of frames is also excellent. Their location is convenient and easy to find. I recommend them!"
    Denise R - Modesto, CA